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iN Nasrallah recently

Read or heard about the idea hysterical proposed and adopted by the U.S. Reverend Terry Jones, "Guard the good name, because God Almighty for the wisdom of what is going on in this world and that God Almighty will be implemented rule in every tyrant, crashing arrogant, wearing the mantle of heavy-handedness was further relapse, as did the nations of the wronged, and wreaked in the land. Rev. U.S. plans to burn the Koran in Chapel, Florida, United States of America, alleging that they correspond with the anniversary of the attacks September 11, 2001, an occasion to announce his wrongdoing and to celebrate arrogance and barbaric himself sick and older than him, is not surprising that Terry Jones Oazkm God despite his illness and schizophrenia personality, it appears that do not believe in any religion, but a rad that idea to increase feelings of hostility between the Islamic world and the United States of America, It is very unfortunate that this is done in a country often heard in the Arab and Muslim world that calls for freedom and fair and cheer the claim of the world the entire application of human rights and freedoms, religions, and despite all the appeals of global Islamic countries and non-Muslim to the Government of the United States of America, Rev. itself not to carry out what he intends to do by doing the burning of the Holy Quran, but he and the official authorities, Osamua their ears to the calls as if in their ears deafness. And the determination of U.S. televangelist with premeditation in the implementation of what he intended to do. This time marks the Feast Muslim Feast of Ramadan, as if this work wants to burn and spoil the joy of the Muslim Ramadan and Eid to make that a lump in the hearts of believers is not power and no strength except in Allah the Almighty and with the idea crazy there in the United States intends to another community to do the same thing in Denmark and perhaps even in Israel, despite the differences of belief, even control and complete the hands and hearts odious grip and insults the honor and standing of the Islamic world wounded everywhere that God kept holy book of every froward devil and all crashing arrogant, he says: In the Name of God the Merciful - (I mentioned we went to him and I privates) [Stone: 9] The great truth of God, we Muslims do not suffer from a few but we are many, but small potatoes Torrent and our situation shameful but we will not forget that our trust and faith in God and the victory of God is near and that God Nasser of victory, O my Muslim brother I pray to Allah for Islam and Muslims victory, pride and dignity. And insist your religion and your Prophet, even if the right word or prayer, praise be to God alone